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Surveillance Cameras

Greater Portland Transit District’s Policy

Governing Purpose and Use of Visual and Audio On Board Surveillance Cameras



Purpose:  The purpose of the use of surveillance cameras is to promote more efficient, safe, convenient, economical and friendly public transportation for the District and its passengers.


Disclosure:  Notices of audio and visual surveillance shall be posted both inside and outside District busses.  Notices shall be posted in a conspicuous area for all METRO employees and on METRO website.

Use of audio and visual records:  Historical records of visual and audio surveillance shall be maintained and kept in a secure area.  Historical data shall be maintained for a period of time determined by management and shall be properly labeled to insure the integrity of such records.  Such records shall be kept confidential.


Viewing of surveillance data.  Management shall review data randomly and to view such occurrences as warranted such as onboard and traffic accidents, passenger complaints, proper passenger pass count and fare collection and maintenance issues, etc.  The viewing of data shall take place in a private setting and shall only viewed by appropriate management staff.

If a viewing leads to disciplinary action against an employee, a Union Official shall be allowed to view the data with management present and consistent with above restrictions.  A log book shall be maintained for all viewing of data and shall be monitored and kept in a secure place by the Senior Director of Transportation and Maintenance or a member of Management appointed by the General Manager.


Title VI

Your Rights Under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

"No person in the United States shall, on the ground of race, color, or national origin, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance."

How to file a complaint

You may file a signed, written complaint 180 days to the date of the alleged discrimination.
The complaint should include:

- Your name, address and telephone number.
- The name and address of the agency, instituion, or department you believe discriminat
   against you.

- How, why, and when you believe you were discriminated against. Include as much specific, 
  detailed information as possible about the alleged acts of discrimination, and any other relevant

- The names of any persons, if known, who the District Title VI Division could contact for
   clarity of your allegations.


Your complaint must by signed and dated.
Please submit your complaint to the address stipulated below:

Greater Portland Transit District METRO
114 Valley Street
Portland ME  04102


Holiday Schedule - 2011

2011 -- Holiday BUS Schedule

New Year's Day
Saturday, January 1 -- No Service
(METRO office closed December 31, 2010)

President's Day
Monday, February 21-- Saturday Service
(METRO office closed)

Patriot's Day
Monday, April 18 - Saturday Service
(METRO office closed)

Sunday, April 24 - No Service

Memorial Day
Monday, May 30 - No Service

Independence Day
Monday, July 4 - No Service

Labor Day
Monday, September 5 - No Service

Columbus Day
Monday, October 10 - Saturday Service
(METRO office closed)

Veterans Day
Friday, November 11 - No Service

Thanksgiving Day
Thursday, November 24 - No Service

Christmas Eve
Saturday, December 24 - Limited Service
(no bus service after 7 p.m. - check back for possible updates)

Christmas Day
Sunday, December 25 - No Service
(METRO office closed on Monday, December 26)

METRO Public Hearings


 Public Hearing Notice

For your convenience, a public hearing is scheduled for:

March 15, 2011
 6:00 p.m. 
Portland Public Library
5 Monument Square, Meeting Room #3 (lower level)

Greater Portland Transit District METRO is scheduling a public
hearing on proposed fare modifications.

METRO Monthly Pass - $40 (Current Price) to
Regional Monthly Pass - $45

The Regional Monthly Pass would be valid during calendar month
indicated on pass (from the first to the last day of the month)
on both South Portland Bus Service and METRO.
This pass will replace the METRO current monthly pass.

If you are a current rider, a service provider assisting first time riders or
new arrivals, a business employer with work commuters who use the bus and/or
public transit supporter, we strongly encourage you to attend this public hearing to express your views on this proposed fare increase.

In advance of the meeting,
comments will be accepted in writing, send to:

General Manager
114 Valley Street
Portland, ME  04102

or email General Manager

For more information, or call 207-774-0351.



Rules of Conduct


All METRO passengers are asked to follow these RULES OF CONDUCT while traveling on METRO:

 ► Deposit exact fare into farebox or show driver TenRide ticket, monthly pass, Valid ID or promotional ticket -- (link to fare information).  


► The driver is in charge of the bus passengers and has authority to enforce the rules. Respect the authority of the driver by obeying promptly and courteously. Passengers are to refrain from unnecessary conversation with the driver. Do not argue with the bus operator.


► After boarding the bus, sit down (if seats are available). If no seats are available, standing is allowed (passengers are required to stand behind the yellow line). Keep aisles clear.


►Make way. Don't block aisles or doors. Remove children from strollers and collapse strollers. If this is not possible, make sure the aisle is clear.


► If you are standing, move back to let others aboard. If you have personal belongings, make sure they are not blocking the aisle or doors. (Always remember to take your personal belongings with you when you exit the bus.)


► No fighting, pushing, tripping, kicking, spitting, hitting, etc. will be tolerated on the bus. Rude, loud and abusive language will not be allowed.


► Use of tobacco, drugs, alcohol or lit matches are not allowed on the bus. No dangerous materials of any kind are allowed. These items will be confiscated and proper discipline will follow.


► Do not put hand, head or other body parts (or throw anything) out the window.


► Limited food and beverages can be brought on board. Do not litter; avoid open food containers when possible.


► Shoes and shirts are required to ride METRO.


► No animals are allowed on the bus (except service animals).


► Respect fellow passengers. Do not be so loud that you disturb others. Excessive noise is not allowed on METRO. Be courteous when using cell phones. Use headphones when listening to music.


► Front seats should be reserved for persons with disabilities or senior citizens.


► Keep personal items on your lap.


► Keep the bus clean, and do not cause any damage to bus property.


Passengers who violate any of these rules will be reported
to the proper authority and his/her privilege of transportation may be denied.


These Rules of Conduct are practical, common-sense guidelines for respecting the bus operator, fellow passengers and public property. These rules apply for all METRO buses and the Downtown Transportation Center (PULSE) at the Elm Street Garage.

Multi-Lingual Ride Guide
Our Multi-Lingual Ride Guide brochure provides a visual reference guide and translations in:
Arabic, French, Serbo-Croatian, Somali, Spanish, Swahili and Vietnamese.


Please click here for updated PDF version of brochure.

(It may take a few minutes to download this full-color version. If you have problems, please give us a call at 774-0351.)


Please note: Translations are intended to provide a basic understanding for riding METRO. Sometimes translations are imperfect and may misrepresent name and expressions. We welcome comments and suggestions (call 774-0351).  





Getting Around

Visiting the Greater Portland area without a Car?

METRO bus service offers a variety of routes around Portland, Westbrook, Falmouth and the Maine Mall area of South Portland.

For METRO map and Route info, please click here.
For sample trips from Westbrook and Falmouth.

Visitors can also connect to the South Portland City Bus (Willard Beach, Spring Point and SMCC),  ZOOM-ShuttleBus (Old Orchard Beach, Biddeford, Scarborough & Saco) and Casco Bay Lines.  All buses include bike racks (for two bikes). All buses are wheelchair accessible.


For map of available transit options in the Greater Portland area, please click here.
New map available - January 2010!


•Is is possible to visit Portland Head Light in Cape Elizabeth without a car?

The adventerous traveler can  use a combination of public transportation, walking and/or biking --  hop on South Portland City Bus (Rte. #1) in Portland and get off at Willard Square. The entrance to Fort Williams, where Portland Head Light is located, is approximately 1.5 miles south on  the left -- Cottage Road turns into Shore Road. There are several great places to grab lunch or a snack near the bus stop.

 •Is it possible to go to the beach using public transportation?

METRO #1 travels up Munjoy Hill to East End Beach. METRO #8 stops at Casco Bay Lines--take a ferry to any of the islands for a beach getaway. Or, take South Portland Bus to Willard Beach, Spring Point Lighthouse or Bug Light (for a great view of Portland ).


•Connecting to buses, ferry service, trains and planes......

If you are traveling on the DownEaster (free ride with same day ticket from PTC) or Concord Coach or flying into the Portland International JetPort, the METRO #5 bus can bring you intown for accommodations, dining and shopping or riders can connect to other METRO buses at Elm Street in downtown Portland, the location of the METRO Downtown Transportation Center ("the PULSE").

METRO #8 connects to the Old Port area and Casco Bay Ferry Terminal, providing island residents and visitors transportation throughout the Greater Portland area.

For cruise ship passengers,  METRO #8A's Peek at Portland Hop/On - Hop/Off Bus offers a convenient bus loop and $5 day pass.

 Check out information on our Bus & Buy and Park & Shop partners for a FREE ride "home" on METRO.


Call 207-774-0351 for personal assistance
in planning your trip using METRO or 
contact us via e-mail.
Office hours: M-Th, 8a.m.-4:30 p.m.; F- 8 a.m. - 4 p.m 


Before You Ride Guide


Before you Ride...

          Look Inside

Natural Gas Buses

 The Future is Riding on METRO


cng bus In May 2006, METRO introduced 13 new, natural gas 
 buses to their bus fleet.

 The new CNG buses, built by ORION --  with engines
 produced by John Deere, are air conditioned, produce low
 emissions and cut down on noise pollution. The new
 buses also help reduce American dependence on
 imported oil.



Benefits of Natural Gas:

* Clean Burning  --  Low emissions.


* Nearly 87% of natural gas consumed in the U.S. is produced in North America.


* Natural gas engines reduce noise pollution -- they are 10-15 decibels lower than diesel.







ADA Accessibility


All METRO buses are equipped with passenger lifts or ramps that can be used by persons with wheelchairs, walkers or persons with other disabilities that my require on-boarding assistance. Space is provided on each bus for two persons in wheelchairs.

When using a wheelchair lift or ramp, the combined weight of the customer and mobility aid cannot exceed 600 pounds. This allows for most combinations of wheelchair and occupant to be safely boarded into and off the bus.


Regional Transportation Program -- RTP
RTP provides ADA Complementary Paratransit Service.

MaineCare Bus Pass
Are you a MaineCare Client? Do you and/or your children have at least three medical apppointments per month? If so, you may qualify for an RTP Bus Pass for free travel to medical appointments.

ADA Transportation (ADAPT)
If you live in Portland, South Portland or Westbrook, but can not use METRO (or the South Portland Bus system) because of a functional inability to do so, you may apply for ADA curb-to-curb transportation. ADAPT (Americans with Disabilities Act Para Transit) has a similar schedule as METRO.

If you think you may qualify for ADA services, please contact RTP to request an application.

To find out more about all RTP programs, please call 207-774-2666 or visit


Route, Service and Weather Updates

Elimination of Bus Stops
The following Route #1 bus stops were posted with notifications and elminated on March 28:
- Congress and Ellsworth St.
- 823 Congress St.
- Eastern Prom and Quebec St.
- Old Hay & Peabody (moved to the west side of Mellon St. and Congress St intersection)
- 242 St. John St.

Service and Route updates planned for May 2011
Posted March 28, 2011

Route #4 (M-F) -
Last run for  Rosemont Corner timepoint changed from 11:35 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

Route #1 (M-F) -
6:15 inbound from North and Prom - changed to 6:18 a.m.
6:25 inbound from Congress and Elm - changed to 6:30 a.m.
6:35 inbound from Mercy - changed to 6:40 a.m.


Updated 1/1/11

Route #4 service added at 6:30 p.m., Monday - Friday, effective today:
6:30 pm outbound METRO Pulse at Elm Street  to Saco Street & Main Street,Westbrook
6:40 Rosemont
7: 00 p.m inbound from Saco Street &  Main Street, Westbrook
7:10 Rosemont
7:25 METRO Pulse at Elm Street

NOTE: This added service is NOT reflected on printed schedules.

Updated Schedule information:
(Updated 1/11/11)

Click on route links for recent schedule changes:

Route #2

Route #4

Route #6

Updated - January 5, 2011

Inbound route #4 service added at 6:20 a.m., Monday - Friday, effective January 10.

6:20 Saco S. (Brown St)  //   6:35-Shaw's  // 6:40 Rosemont Corner //  7:00 METRO Pulse
Note: This added service is not listed on printed schedule.

Updated January 3, 2011
(Check back for updated schedules and route maps, effective January 9, 2011)

Comments/Feedback about service changes should be directed to
the This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Service Changes effective January 9, 2011:
Updated Schedules will be available in late December.
Route #2
- No service to Pride and East Bridge Street and Millbrook Estates at these times:
M-F at 8:05 and 10:05 a.m., and 4:25 and 5:45 p.m.
SAT at 9:40 and 11:40 a.m. and 2:40 and 7:45 p.m.

Route #4 - New (M-F) service IDEXX in the Five Star Industrial Park
No service to Route #25, New Gorham Rd and Longfellow St.
No M-F service via Forest/Woodfords.
Weekend service will remain the same (no service to Juniper Lane).
M-F trips to 6:55 p.m. will service Shaw's inbound and outbound.

Route #6 - No Service to Falmouth Crossing at these times:
(M-F) 9:10, 11:10 a.m. and 2:45 and 4:45 p.m. Falmouth Crossing by request after 6:45 p.m. and Saturday.


Service Change: Lunch Hop Service was discontinued beginning November 1, 2010. METRO's Lunch Hop had previously provided free bus rides from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. along Congress Street between Longfellow Square and Exchange Street in Portland.

Frequently Asked Questions
All of the answers to your most frequently asked questions... 

Where do I find a schedule?

Bus schedules are available at the METRO Office at 114 Valley Street, Downtown Transportation Center at the Elm Street Garage (also known as the METRO PULSE) and on METRO buses.

Schedules are also available at the Convention and Visitors Bureau, Portland's Downtown District and several other locations in Greater Portland. For online versions, check out Route Maps and Schedules.

How do I  ride the bus?
Find out where you want to go and what time you want to get there and then determine which bus routes serve your destination point and starting point. Check the route schedules at Route Maps and Schedules or pick up a schedule at a convenient location (please see above).

Look at the schedule serving your destination first, and find the time point on that schedule nearest your destination. Time-points are landmarks or intersections that show estimated arrival times of the bus. Each schedule shows a map of the route, and time points. In most cases, you can get on and off the bus at bus stops between these time-points (there are hundreds of bus stops located along METRO routes).

Then check the schedule for where you want to begin your trip to determine when you need to catch the bus. You should plan to arrive at the bus stop at least five minutes before the scheduled time.

Where do I wait for the bus?
bus stop signLook for a METRO bus stop signs (located throughout the Greater Portland area.) The routes served are listed on the sign. Use a hand motion to signal the bus driver at the bus stop. It is a good idea to arrive at your bus stop five minutes before the bus is due to arrive. The route you want to take will displayed on the top of the bus (this is called a Destination Sign). But, remember, don’t be afraid to ask the bus drivers questions about the route, when you get on the bus. They are there to help. Most buses also stop at the DownTown Tranportation Center (METRO PULSE), located at the Elm Street Garage.


 What is the METRO PULSE?

dtc-exterior-with-both-signThis is the hub for METRO Bus. Most METRO buses (#2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7) begin and end their route at the Downtown Transportation Center (METRO PULSE). The DTC is located at the Elm Street Garage (Elm Street is off Congress Street, near the Portland Public Library).

For many routes, this is the place to transfer to another bus (For example, if you live in Falmouth and want to go to the Maine Mall, you would take the #7, Falmouth Flyer to the METRO Pulse location at Elm Street and then transfer to the #5 Maine Mall bus--don't forget to ask for a transfer).

This facility (Open Mon-Saturday) has a large waiting room, rest rooms and a dispatcher available to answer questions and sell bus tickets.

Please note: On Sunday, Routes #1 & #5 are combined for limited service; the route #1/#5 stops along Congress Street but not does not service the METRO Pulse location.

How do I pay to ride?
Deposit exact fare into the fare box. If you have purchased a METRO Monthly Pass, show the bus operator your METRO Pass. METRO has partnered with middle and high schools in our service area to offer a reduced fare (75 cents). Students attending participating schools should present their METRO Student Fare Card or CURRENT student ID and ride for 75 cents.  If you have a Ten Ride ticket, the driver will punch your ticket. If you have a coupon, insert the coupon into the fare box. Monthly Passes and TenRide Tickets are available at several locations throughout Greater Portland.

How do I signal to get off the bus?
Pull either the vertical or horizontal cord inside the bus or press the yellow strip one stop before your desired stop.

Can I bring my bike on board the bus?
Bike racks are on all buses, so take your bike with you!
To take your bike with you, remove loose items from your bike, release the latch on the bike rack and load your bike onto the rack in the front of the bus. Then board the bus. Enjoy the ride. Inform the bus driver that you will be unloading your bike as you exit the bus.


How do I transfer to another bus?

If you need to change buses, ask the bus driver for a free transfer when you pay your fare. When you change to another bus, give this transfer to the next bus driver. Transfers are to be used on the next available bus going to your destination. The time limit on transfers is approximately 1/2 hour.


Please note additional information on transfers:

    - Transfers are valid only on the date issued and are issued when bus fare is paid.

    - Transfers are not transferable.

    - Transfers can be used for continuous travel in one general direction only.

    - Transfers may only be used where bus routes intersect.

    - The only time a transfer can be used on the same us is when a METRO Bus & Buy
       or Park & Shop stamp is affixed to the back of the transfer.

    - Rider must ask for an additional transfer (from the second bus) to transfer more
      than once.


METRO also accepts transfers from South Portland City Bus (FREE transfers are available between METRO and South Portland) and ZOOM Bus. Amtrak/DownEaster passengers may ride free from the PTC if they show the METRO bus operator their (same day) train ticket.


Are wheelchairs accessible to buses?

Yes. All METRO buses are equipped with passenger lifts or ramps that can be used by persons with wheelchairs, walkers or persons with disabilities that may require on-boarding assistance. (The combined weight of the customer and mobility aid can not exceed 600 lbs.)


If I still have questions, how do I get answers?

Call 774-0351 or check out other areas of this site.

Or, ask the bus operator or dispatcher at the Downtown Transportation Center (METRO PULSE), located at the Elm Street Garage.



Fare Information

METRO Fares & Office Hours
One Way Fare (exact amount required, drivers can not sell tickets or make change):  $  1.50

TenRide Ticket :  $13.50

NEW, Effective begining May 1, 2011
Regional Monthly Pass:  $45.00
(good for one calendar month on METRO and South Portland Bus Service)

Day Passes:  $5
(Good for one day only on all METRO Routes; also available for cruise ship passengers)

Seniors (65+)
One Way Fare (exact change):  75¢
(with Medicare Card or Photo ID)

Half-Fare TenRide:   $6.75

Persons with Disabilities

One Way Fare (exact change: 75¢
(with Medicare Card or Photo ID)

Half-Fare TenRide:  $6.75


One Way Fare (with school ID):  $1.25
Summer Youth Bus Pass: $20 (Travel June, July and August - 18 and younger)

Special Student Fares
(available through partnerships with participating school & colleges):*

METRO Student  Fare Cards (K-12) can by used through mid-June 2011 by students attending participating schools for discounted fare:  75¢

USM Students - 50¢ with ID
UNE Students - FREE with ID
SMCC Student - FREE with ID (must have current semester sticker)
College Student Fare Information: please click here for updates 

Promotional Fares:
ride from PTC with same day Amtrak/Downeaster ticket.


Paying your fare:
Deposit exact fare into the fare box (the bus operator can not make change) and/or show the bus  operator a Tenride ticket, Monthly Pass, Medicare Card, RTP ID, METRO Student Fare Card or other current ID.

*Monthly Passes and TenRide Tickets may be purchased at:

at Elm  Street in Portland (across from the Portland Public Library)
      ( Monday - Friday , 9 a.m. - 7 p.m. / Saturday - 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. - hours subject to change)

METRO office, 114  Valley Street in Portland
      (open M-Th, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. / Friday-7:30 a.m.-4 p.m.)

Portland & Westbrook City Hall
South Portand City Hall (Regional Passes beginnin May 2011)
Participating Shaw's and Hannaford Supermarkets along bus routes
Casco Bay Lines Ferry Terminal

We also accept mail order requests:
Please send check, payable to METRO, using the above fare information to:
METRO (Greater Portland Transit District)
114 Valley Street
Portland, ME  04102

Please include return address and contact information, specfic month request for Monthly Pass and allow at least two to three weeks for processing. Questions? Please call 207-774-0351.

Bus Schedules:
Updated bus schedules are typically printed in January, May and September. Individual route cards, with route and schedule, are also available in several locations and online.

Please save resources and reuse schedules.

Updated route information outside of the above timeline, will be available on this website, posted at Elm Street and displayed on buses when appropriate.

In addition to the above locations, bus schedules are also available on all METRO buses and distributed to*:

Convention and Visitor's Bureau locations (Ocean Gateway, Deering Oaks Park, JetPort)Portland's Downtown District (549 Congress Street)
Portland Public Library
Portland Transportation Center (PTC) - Amtrak/Downeaster and Concord Coach
Hotels & Motels throughout the Greater Portland Area
....and many other locations throughout the service area.

Please note that METRO schedules are regularly distributed to the above locations; however, due to demand, schedules may not always be available. Please call 207-774-0351 if the above locations need additional schedules or suggestions for other locations where METRO route schedules should be made available.

If you need to change buses, ask the bus operators for a FREE transfer when you pay your fare. When you change to another bus, give this transfer to the next bus operator. Transfers are to be used on the next available bus going to your destination. METRO also accepts transfers from South Portland City Bus, ZOOM/ShuttleBus.

Transfers can also be used for a FREE ride home with Bus & Buy or Park and Shop.