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All METRO passengers are asked to follow these RULES OF CONDUCT while traveling on METRO:

 ► Deposit exact fare into farebox or show driver TenRide ticket, monthly pass, Valid ID or promotional ticket -- (link to fare information).  


► The driver is in charge of the bus passengers and has authority to enforce the rules. Respect the authority of the driver by obeying promptly and courteously. Passengers are to refrain from unnecessary conversation with the driver. Do not argue with the bus operator.


► After boarding the bus, sit down (if seats are available). If no seats are available, standing is allowed (passengers are required to stand behind the yellow line). Keep aisles clear.


►Make way. Don't block aisles or doors. Remove children from strollers and collapse strollers. If this is not possible, make sure the aisle is clear.


► If you are standing, move back to let others aboard. If you have personal belongings, make sure they are not blocking the aisle or doors. (Always remember to take your personal belongings with you when you exit the bus.)


► No fighting, pushing, tripping, kicking, spitting, hitting, etc. will be tolerated on the bus. Rude, loud and abusive language will not be allowed.


► Use of tobacco, drugs, alcohol or lit matches are not allowed on the bus. No dangerous materials of any kind are allowed. These items will be confiscated and proper discipline will follow.


► Do not put hand, head or other body parts (or throw anything) out the window.


► Limited food and beverages can be brought on board. Do not litter; avoid open food containers when possible.


► Shoes and shirts are required to ride METRO.


► No animals are allowed on the bus (except service animals).


► Respect fellow passengers. Do not be so loud that you disturb others. Excessive noise is not allowed on METRO. Be courteous when using cell phones. Use headphones when listening to music.


► Front seats should be reserved for persons with disabilities or senior citizens.


► Keep personal items on your lap.


► Keep the bus clean, and do not cause any damage to bus property.


Passengers who violate any of these rules will be reported
to the proper authority and his/her privilege of transportation may be denied.


These Rules of Conduct are practical, common-sense guidelines for respecting the bus operator, fellow passengers and public property. These rules apply for all METRO buses and the Downtown Transportation Center (PULSE) at the Elm Street Garage.