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METRO's Peek at Portland cruise ship service has ended for the 2010 season.
Please check back in spring 2011 for an updated schedule.
(Information below will be updated.)


Peek at Portland METRO Bus Service

Passengers arriving in Portland on cruise ships (with 1000+ passengers)
can Hop On and Hop Off the PEEK AT PORTLAND, METRO 8A when they visit.

The PEEK AT PORTLAND 8A makes convenient stops within walking distance
of museums, galleries, retail shops, restaurants and historic landmarks.

Day Passes provide all-day access to the PEEK AT PORTLAND route
with connections to all METRO routes. Passes are sold for $5 and are available
at the Portland Ocean Terminal as cruise ship passengers disembark their ship.

METRO staff are available on-site to provide information, passes and route maps
when passengers arrive in Portland.

Representatives for Portland's Downtown District and the Convention and Visitor's Bureau
of Greater Portland are also available for questions.

For cruise ship passengers visiting Portland on days not serviced by the 8A,
METRO service is available, M-Sa, on METRO Route #8,
which stops at the nearby Casco Bay Lines Ferry Terminal.


2010 Schedule
METRO typically provides Peek at Portland bus service to larger cruise ships with 1,000 or more passengers. 

The updated brochure includes the route map and vendor information.

Click here: 2010 brochure

This schedule is subject to change. Please check back for updates.

2010  METRO Peek at Portland Cruise Ship Schedule

Updated  September 8, 2010      


Day Date Cruise Line Arrival
SUN 6.20.10 Enchantment 9:00AM
TUES 7.06.10 Summit 8:00AM
TUES 7.20.10 Summit 8:00AM
TUES 8.03.10 Summit 8:00AM
SAT 8.14.10 Enchantment 10:00AM
TUES 8.17.10 Summit 8:00AM
TUES 8.31.10 Summit 8:00AM
SAT 9.4.10 Explorer of the Seas 9:00AM
SAT 9.11.10 Enchantment 10:00AM
WED 9.15.10 Carnival Glory 8:00AM
THU 9.16.10 Aurora 8:00AM
THU 9.16.10 Summit 8:00AM
SAT 9.18.10 Explorer of the Seas 9:00AM
SUN 9.19.10 Jewel of the Seas 7:00AM
WED 9.22.10 Carnival Glory 8:00AM
SAT 9.25.10 Enchantment 10AM
SUN 9.26.10 Jewel of the Seas 7:00AM
WED 9.29.10 Carnival Glory 8:00AM
THU 9.30.10 Summit 8:00AM
FRI 10.1.10 M/V Acadia 8:00AM
SAT 10.2.10 Explorer of the Seas 9:00AM
SUN 10.3.10 Jewel of the Seas 7:00AM
MON 10.4.10 Carnival Glory 8:00AM
FRI 10.08.10 Norwegian Spirit 8:00AM
SAT 10.9.10 Enchantment 10:00AM
SUN* 10.10.10

Jewel of the Seas

Crown Princess

MON 10.11.10 Carnival Glory 8:00AM
THU 10.14.10 Summit 8:00AM
SAT 10.16.10 Explorer of the Seas 9:00AM
SUN 10.17.10 Jewel of the Seas 7:00AM
FRI 10.22.10 Norwegian Spirit 8:00AM
SUN 10.24.10 Jewel of the Seas 7:00AM

 * Two ships on Sunday, Oct. 10