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METRO Fares & Office Hours
One Way Fare (exact amount required, drivers can not sell tickets or make change):  $  1.50

TenRide Ticket :  $13.50

NEW, Effective begining May 1, 2011
Regional Monthly Pass:  $45.00
(good for one calendar month on METRO and South Portland Bus Service)

Day Passes:  $5
(Good for one day only on all METRO Routes; also available for cruise ship passengers)

Seniors (65+)
One Way Fare (exact change):  75¢
(with Medicare Card or Photo ID)

Half-Fare TenRide:   $6.75

Persons with Disabilities

One Way Fare (exact change: 75¢
(with Medicare Card or Photo ID)

Half-Fare TenRide:  $6.75


One Way Fare (with school ID):  $1.25
Summer Youth Bus Pass: $20 (Travel June, July and August - 18 and younger)

Special Student Fares
(available through partnerships with participating school & colleges):*

METRO Student  Fare Cards (K-12) can by used through mid-June 2011 by students attending participating schools for discounted fare:  75¢

USM Students - 50¢ with ID
UNE Students - FREE with ID
SMCC Student - FREE with ID (must have current semester sticker)
College Student Fare Information: please click here for updates 

Promotional Fares:
ride from PTC with same day Amtrak/Downeaster ticket.


Paying your fare:
Deposit exact fare into the fare box (the bus operator can not make change) and/or show the bus  operator a Tenride ticket, Monthly Pass, Medicare Card, RTP ID, METRO Student Fare Card or other current ID.

*Monthly Passes and TenRide Tickets may be purchased at:

at Elm  Street in Portland (across from the Portland Public Library)
      ( Monday - Friday , 9 a.m. - 7 p.m. / Saturday - 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. - hours subject to change)

METRO office, 114  Valley Street in Portland
      (open M-Th, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. / Friday-7:30 a.m.-4 p.m.)

Portland & Westbrook City Hall
South Portand City Hall (Regional Passes beginnin May 2011)
Participating Shaw's and Hannaford Supermarkets along bus routes
Casco Bay Lines Ferry Terminal

We also accept mail order requests:
Please send check, payable to METRO, using the above fare information to:
METRO (Greater Portland Transit District)
114 Valley Street
Portland, ME  04102

Please include return address and contact information, specfic month request for Monthly Pass and allow at least two to three weeks for processing. Questions? Please call 207-774-0351.

Bus Schedules:
Updated bus schedules are typically printed in January, May and September. Individual route cards, with route and schedule, are also available in several locations and online.

Please save resources and reuse schedules.

Updated route information outside of the above timeline, will be available on this website, posted at Elm Street and displayed on buses when appropriate.

In addition to the above locations, bus schedules are also available on all METRO buses and distributed to*:

Convention and Visitor's Bureau locations (Ocean Gateway, Deering Oaks Park, JetPort)Portland's Downtown District (549 Congress Street)
Portland Public Library
Portland Transportation Center (PTC) - Amtrak/Downeaster and Concord Coach
Hotels & Motels throughout the Greater Portland Area
....and many other locations throughout the service area.

Please note that METRO schedules are regularly distributed to the above locations; however, due to demand, schedules may not always be available. Please call 207-774-0351 if the above locations need additional schedules or suggestions for other locations where METRO route schedules should be made available.

If you need to change buses, ask the bus operators for a FREE transfer when you pay your fare. When you change to another bus, give this transfer to the next bus operator. Transfers are to be used on the next available bus going to your destination. METRO also accepts transfers from South Portland City Bus, ZOOM/ShuttleBus.

Transfers can also be used for a FREE ride home with Bus & Buy or Park and Shop.