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Greater Portland Transit District’s Policy

Governing Purpose and Use of Visual and Audio On Board Surveillance Cameras



Purpose:  The purpose of the use of surveillance cameras is to promote more efficient, safe, convenient, economical and friendly public transportation for the District and its passengers.


Disclosure:  Notices of audio and visual surveillance shall be posted both inside and outside District busses.  Notices shall be posted in a conspicuous area for all METRO employees and on METRO website.

Use of audio and visual records:  Historical records of visual and audio surveillance shall be maintained and kept in a secure area.  Historical data shall be maintained for a period of time determined by management and shall be properly labeled to insure the integrity of such records.  Such records shall be kept confidential.


Viewing of surveillance data.  Management shall review data randomly and to view such occurrences as warranted such as onboard and traffic accidents, passenger complaints, proper passenger pass count and fare collection and maintenance issues, etc.  The viewing of data shall take place in a private setting and shall only viewed by appropriate management staff.

If a viewing leads to disciplinary action against an employee, a Union Official shall be allowed to view the data with management present and consistent with above restrictions.  A log book shall be maintained for all viewing of data and shall be monitored and kept in a secure place by the Senior Director of Transportation and Maintenance or a member of Management appointed by the General Manager.