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Updated April 4, 2011
-- METRO & South Portland Bus Service introduce Regional Pass
    Press Release
    Flier (download and display)
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-- Does your workplace have a Commuter Benefit Plan?
    Click here for information from GO Maine.


--Why do YOU ride the bus? Check out this video, produced
   by the Town of Falmouth

 --For updates and information, Find us on FaceBook:
   METRO (Greater Portland Transit District)
   Friends of the Falmouth Flyer Bus
   Go Maine 

-- Greater Portland Transit Guide (May 2011 edition)

     Coming soon --- The May 2011 edition of the Regional Transit 
     Guide featuring public transportation options available throughout the Greater Portland area. Guides are 
     available at the METRO Pulse, on Elm Street, several locations along bus routes (including
     Shaw's and Hannaford Supermarkets along bus routes) and participating agencies.

     To download a copy of the Jan. 2011 PDF file, please click on this link.

    If your business or agency would like copies of the Transit Guide to post and distribute, 
    please give us a call at 774-0351.

      --- Help us save resources! 
           We ask that you save your bus schedule for future use to help conserve 
           resources. METRO schedules are typically updated -- three times per year:
           January, May & September.

           Please reuse Transit Guides and METRO route schedules. 
           This helps save $ and resources. 
           The next edition of the Regional Transit Guide is scheduled to print in May 2011.
           Service changes will be communicated online and on tear offs (located in buses)
           when appropriate. 

     --- U-Car Share
     Drive by the hour! Save money and the environment. U Car Share is here.
     Log on to and start sharing today! Use the Promo code to
     sign up for free (a $50 value) -- MAINEMETRO2009
     (this code is case sensitive)

 -- Discounted fares for college students available.
    Check out our list of participating colleges.


  -- Use your METRO Student Fare Card for a Ticket to RIDE!
     K-12 students ride for 75 cents during the school year.
     Check out our list of participating schools.
     (Please note: this program is seasonal and ends when the school year ends; however,
     METRO and South Portland City Bus offer a $20 Summer Youth Bus Pass, which can be
     be used June, July and August on both systems!)


 -- Using public transportation saves money! Check out YOUR savings!
   -- Save more than $8,000 annually by taking METRO! 


    -- All METRO buses have two bike racks.
       Here's a quick visual tutorial on how they work:

 -- Did you know that GO Maine offers a FREE Emergency Ride Home Guarantee
Register with GO MAINE for this special commute benefit.

 -- Look for METRO coupons in the Sunrise Guide.

 ---- Check the latest route updates here.


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